Since early 1990´s rotating and tilting excavtor attachments

A series of excavator attachments awaiting a partner with finance possibility as well interested in marketing alternative rotor techniques ínstead of as tiltrotators with worm gears for rotating. Drawings, domains and choice of TM is available.


             2x45°tilt                160°swing

Drawings available


Twin drive; always with double high torque orbit motors and integrated disc brakes. Fast powerfully smooth rotation up to25 r.p.m 15-30000 Nm. Tilting by hydraulic cylinders or actuator. Driving large diameter auger or winching.  No heating in gear at continuous rotation as is with with worm gears.

S1 S2 S3 

S40 S45 S50 S60 S70

Automatic couplings.

In sequence opens and closes locking of tool and hydraulic coupler.

Cleaning of coupler surfaces.